Competition Rules

Our prints competition is a great way to get (and give) constructive critique on your work. The rules are listed below. 

  • All prints must be mounted in a matt, and the print itself must be at least 8x10, but no larger than 16x20.

  • The work submitted must be labeled with a club competition sticker placed on the top, left hand corner on the back of the matt. These can be obtained at the meeting and filled out at time of submission. 

  • You are allowed two submissions each competition. There is an assigned category and a general category. You can submit one per category, or choose to double submit in one category alone. Only two prints total can be submitted regardless. 

  • Critique of each submission is encouraged. 

  • A first, second, and third place winner will be announced after votes are tallied and critique is complete. A digital file of each of the winning images will be sent to our webmaster for posting on our monthly blog. Each file must be at least 1 meg in size and preferably not more than 5 meg.

  • Members may not re-use prints that have previously placed in this club's competitions, but may re-use non-placing prints if they wish. 

2020 Assigned Topics

January - Blue

February - Flowers

March -Winter , snow scenes 

April - Travel

May - Action

June - Textures

July -   COVID 19

August- Time Lapse

September - Light/Darkness

October -   Night Photography    

November - In motion

December -  Sleep

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