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Another amazing print competition for January 2020

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Although on the road, I have been following closely the activities of our club. We seem to be making steady progress with our development plans. Doug Freese has brought new life to our Facebook page and there is much more information and conversation now available. We have chosen themes for the start of 2020 which compliment the general category of our monthly print competition. Linda Stipe is keeping everybody in the loop with her periodic e-mail updates. Linda Tommasulo and Gary Miller continue to work on our brochure which we hope will help us find new members to enrich our group.( By the way, they are looking for a few good photo suggestions for the brochure so feel free to contact them) Last month Gary completed his wonderful lecture series on Photojournalism. A very engaging , and often moving overview of the art and images that have shaped our emotional lives.

And finally, speaking of new members, welcome to Rob Handel and Jon Palmer. We are all looking forward to getting to know you and your work better.

Below are some of the winning images from this months print competition ( not in any particular order)

Mike Lynch " Just a simple tree " 2nd place- assigned

Gary Miller. "Blue Transformation" 3rd place assigned

Linda Stipe " Winter Wonderland " 1st place general

Gary Miller "Ellen Bouchard" 3rd place general

Ken Bovat " Great Blue " 1st place assigned

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