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February meeting and Competition

Professional photographer Ken Bovat, and club president Gerald M Lynch (Mike) were only two of the numerous enthusiasts discussing Mike’s image during last night’s competition (subject, flowers for assigned and open general categories)

At our meeting last night we discussed possible ideas for field trips next summer. (If anyone has any ideas bring them to our next meeting on 3/12.)

Our next meeting Doug will be doing a presentation on Lightroom. Thank You Doug ! Also at our next meeting we will have a digital presentation so bring photos on a flash drive you are working on or would like to share . We had two new people join the club Richard Long and Katherine Montague. Michelle Hall also attended our group Welcome !

Last night was our competition night. Our assigned topic was "Flowers" Please post your winning photos on our Facebook page and email your photos to Ron Klein at   Admin@greenecountycameraclub.com

The results are as follows:


1st Place: "Hollyhock" by Mike Lynch

2nd Place: "The Preacher" by Ken Bovat

3rd Place: "Faded Rose" by Richard Long


1st Place:  "Winter Pines" by Jim Molloy

2nd Place:  "They Are All Nuts" by Richard Long

3rd Place:  "Blue Skies" by Linda Stipe

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