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June Print Competition

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

The Machine - 1st Place, "Industrial" - James Molloy

The June Print competition had some of the best photos we've seen this year! Literally "wow" and gasps around the room as prints were revealed for evaluation. Members really brought their A-game this month!

Assigned Topic: Industrial

1st Place: James Molloy, "The Machine"

2nd Place: Tom Satterlee, "Old Metal"

3rd Place: Rob Near, "Industrial Beast"

General Topic

1st Place: Linda Tommasulo, "Frisky Foal & Mama"

2nd Place: Ron Klein, "The Visitor"

3rd Place: Linda Stipe, "Strutting His Stuff"

Club business was also discussed, and members shared their ideas to help attract new members. Public events like tables at local farmer's markets, libraries, and shooting field trips were among the ideas suggested and members are working towards making those a reality.

Looks like club picnic will be coming back this summer! Right now we're considering the last Sunday in July. More info coming as things firm up.


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