• Ron K

May Print Competition Meeting

For our May competition we ended up with two assigned topics due to a miscommunication, both Texture/Pattern and Doors. Prints we're also submitted into General.

There were some really interesting and fun images submitted, and competition was tight. Winners were as follows:

Building Blocks by Linda Tommasulo 1st

Clouds over El Escurial by Jim Malloy 2nd

Capital Door by Rob Near 3rd.

Reflecting Pool by Jim & Calla Lily Study by Rob Near tied for 1st,

Vanderbilt Mansion Sky Light by Tina Martinez 2nd Inferno by Tina Martinez 3rd.

Members were asked to show up 30 minutes early if possible to allow time for discussion and voting. Before the competition began the assembled members discussed changes to the administrative structure, and we decided to vote on new officers at our next meeting, June 13.

The new website was discussed and universally approved, with funding and training to arranged soon. Linda has volunteered to be cross trained by me.

Also discussed were ways to increase membership and educational/community involvement. This will.also be discussed at our next meeting.

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