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November Print Competition

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The results of the Competitions on Nov 14th are as follows:


1rst  "Birds Eye View"  Mike Lynch

2nd  " Look Up To Look Down" Linda Tommasulo

3rd   "The Force" Gary Miller


1rst  "Naxos" Ron Klein

2nd   "Aspara Dancer" Jim Molloy

3rd    "Boy With a White Cap" Ron Klein

3rd    " Riverboat Discoveries" Jim Molloy

Our next meeting is on December 12th we discussed a possible holiday party. So if people are interested and want to bring something let me know or have any ideas. I cd bring cookies or brownies. A suggestion was made we need to set topics for next years competitions and  each member could pick a topic . So bring some ideas to next meeting. Ron Klein is chairing a committee along with Jim Molloy and Linda Tommasulo to come up with ideas for programs for the upcoming year. Also Ron Klein will also be helping with our web site in addition to Tina. Our current balance in our clubs checking account is $510.48. 

Happy  Thanksgiving everyone ! 

Boy with a white cap

Naxos Island

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